Islamic Community and Globalization چاپ

Islamic Community and Globalization

Globalization has different meanings in ecconomics, politics and religion. Scholors have presented a variety of definitions of globalization. In my view, in brief one can say that globalization is a particular life-style so much extended that it embraces the whole people of the world. It is a process that results in interaction, dependence and the interrelationships of people’s truths, views and concepts. It’s method that creates dependence for both sides.It results not only in bilateral dependence but also in political, economic and organizational dependence in today’s world. For some people, globalization is promising and for others it is despairing. Nations like America that have political and technological power and that consider themselves superpowers, think of globalization as a means to universalize their culture. In contrast, the weak societies are concerned about this process and think that they will be dominated by such a cultural invasion.

The Islamic community should make every effort to be the winner rather than the loser in this encounter. Our community certainly has such a potential since it is based on revelation, the God’s book (holy Qoran),the Prophet’s tradition (peace be upon him), original civilization and great manpower.

In this article, the author first concentrates on the principal aspects of globalization and then touches on the impact of this process on cultures. Finally, he will elaborate on the role of religion, particulary Islam and Islamic community, in facing globalization. It is concluded that globalization is not a plan which we should accept or reject. Rather it is a process which the Islamic community is faced with and must try to have a wise approach so as to be the winner in this encounter.

In this respect, the following approaches are briefly discribed: Firstly, acquainting the community with the danger of the foreign culture dominance and interpreting God’s commands and rejecting the superiority of infidels and following the Prophet’s advice stating to avoid the dominance of infidels. Secondly, the Islamic community should believe in its Islamic identity and values and should be determined to preserve them. In this case the Islamic community will defenitly dominate the invading cultures. Thirdly, Islam itself claims to be globalized. The addresses of Islam is the whole mankind. The revelation of God’s Book is for people, and in Islamic worldview the future of the world and mankind is based on their interests rather than corruption and wickedness.